Compcut offers a range of intuitive cutting solutions. Our fully enclosed CNC machines are designed to efficiently and accurately machine composite panels into test specimens and production components

Better results less scrap

Improve the consistency of your results while ensuring mistakes are eradicated. Compcut’s easy to use automated process simplifies specimen production

Fast & Precise

Produce a specimen ready to test, every 47 seconds. Automatic positioning of the material allows multiple specimen cuts without user intervention and our Innovative clamping system means no tooling is required.

Accurate & Repeatable

Test your specimens straight from the machine with Compcut’s unrivalled surface finish. Cut to size first time with excellent Perpendicularity and parallelism. No post preparation or polishing is required.

Powerful Capability

Rugged and stable, our machines are able to easily cut a wide array of materials to the exact size and specification required, making them the ideal choice for test specimen and production composite cutting.

Safe & Simple

Cut with confidence, your engineers are safe. Our fully enclosed work area protects from dust and spray. Dry cutting with extraction and wet cutting with recirculating coolant gives versatility to cut almost any composite material.

Automated Control

Our integrated computer control system and part programme compatibility simplifies the operator process making it easy for users to understand and learn, reducing user error and ensuring consistent results.

Leading The Industry

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