Coping with Covid – delivery, installation, commissioning & training

COVID has certainly thrown up many challenges when it comes to delivering precision engineering machinery – from delivery to commissioning and user training!

COMPCUT have rapidly put procedures in place to ensure that both overseas and UK customers of their ranges of Advanced Composite Saws & Precision Composite Routers experience the minimum delay in receiving, commissioning and operating their machines.

A typical example was the delivery in mid 2020 of a Compcut 200 Plate Saw to the Materials Science Application Centre at Brussels based science and technology giant SOLVAY, where the unit was urgently required to support the combined test sample cutting requirements for both their Specialist Polymer and Composite Materials divisions.

The saw was ordered just prior to the first ‘lockdown’ and delivered shortly after. Covid restrictions hampered normal ‘on-site’ commissioning and operator training and so to get the Solvay unit up and running, Compcut & the Solvay team worked remotely via high definition video links to run through the necessary operating procedures to take the machine quickly into service.

Compcut are now increasingly utilising video technology for technical demonstrations, supporting remote commissioning procedures and operator training.

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