Seeing is believing – COMPCUT YouTube

The newly launched Compcut YouTube channel, will feature a wide selection of cutting & machining demonstrations based around our innovative range of Advanced Composite Saws & Routers.

These videos offer practical advice and guidance – encouraging ‘best practice’ techniques amongst our growing Compcut User Communitywhilst additionally sharing, exploring and resolving the common technical challenges often faced by our clients.

The first video in the series is already uploaded and illustrates ‘How to make an EN6035 carbon fibre test specimen’, to be closely followed with a video on the accurate creation of ‘V – Notch’ specimen (to ASTM D5379 Standard). 

To maintain relevance and topicality – we are encouraging our customers to suggest procedures & technical challenges of particular concern to them – so we can respond in video form helping to build a shared practical knowledge/video base! 

Do let us know if there is a particular specimen cutting or machining requirement you would like to see featured? 

We are also happy to receive composite samples from customers to cut on our machines, so we can demonstrate the superb surface quality of the cut, plus the exceptional perpendicularity and parallelism that can be achieved.

Click the here to see the NEW Compcut YouTube channel:  

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