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Without a doubt the continuing pace in composite materials development has brought with it demanding challenges in being able to accurately and consistently machine these specialist materials.

COMPCUT has rapidly become recognised as a leading UK source of knowledge and expertise in this field – by understanding the complexity and diversity of composites as well as having the ability and expertise to offer accurate and effective machining solutions.

A division of Sharp & Tappin Technologies, (the innovative Devon based engineers and systems developers) COMPCUT has through foresight and direct experience, been able to anticipate the growing demand for precision machining applications across the ever expanding ranges of composites. Their experience and expertise has now placed them firmly in the forefront of this specialist field. The company currently works successfully with leading Materials Testing Teams, Research & Development Departments, Universities, Aerospace Companies, F1 Motor Racing and Composite Materials Manufacturers.

The company’s pioneering work over the last ten years led to the launch of the very successful COMPCUT range of composite plate saws with their focus on ease of operation, accuracy and consistent repeatability – features that appealed to the testing sector, where the combination of computer technologies, advanced engineering and precision cutting ability coupled with high quality volume capability and operator safety features has proved popular.

2017 saw the successful launch of the affordable ‘entry level’ Compcut 200 composite plate saw which translated the proven technologies of the established Compcut 500 & 1000 models into a far more compact unit – offering smaller Test and R & D Centres the opportunity to acquire an affordable, easy to use, safe, in-house composite ‘cutting solution’ – providing repeatable, volume sample cutting at a very high degree of precision and accuracy.

COMPCUT’s systematic and practical product development approach is firmly based on combining innovative engineering and problem solving abilities with a policy of developing strong working relationships with prestigious customers as well as recognised industry bodies throughout the composites testing arena. This proactive policy has underpinned a continual process of introducing new machines that meet and exceed industry demands.

A perfect example being the recent introduction of the Precision Composite Router concept- a hybrid collimation of CNC routing and milling functions – a truly unique machine tool solution, aimed initially to tackle the cutting of complex test specimen geometries from the most challenging, contemporary composites.The PCR Routers also have an important role to play in production trimming and second operation machining on finished components.

True to their ‘trademark’ problem solving approach, Compcut have skillfully incorporated elements from CNC routers such as a high speed spindle, easy flat laminate compatibility together with the precision and flood coolant capability associated with vertical machining centres encapsulated in a fully enclosed structure – to create what is effectively a new machining format, that is remarkably easy to use without the need for specific CNC expertise.

The first PCR production model was the COMPCUT PCR 600 launched in 2019 which met with a positive reaction followed more recently by the introduction of the PCR 300, offering an ‘entry level’ unit to be followed shortly by a larger format PCR 1200 model.

COMPCUT thrive on their hard won reputation in this very specialist field and are continuingly exploring, innovating and delivering composite machining solutions that reflect Compcut’s experience, technical ‘know how’ and their ability to solve their clients’ challenges.

In fact ‘ The Compcut Challenge’ is the company’s open invitation to the industry in general to present them with practical machining issues that can test their confident abilities to the maximum!

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