Sharp & Tappin Launch the NEW Compcut PCR300 Precision Composite Router

Sharp & Tappin release their latest Precision Composite Router (PCR) onto the UK market.

Sharp & Tappin’s new range of Precision Composite Routers complement and enhance the Compcut Range by offering a true 3 axis machining capability. Aimed initially at complex geometry and high accuracy compression composite test specimens, the Compcut PCR range also has an important role in production trimming and second operation machining on finished components.


The Compcut PCR300

The introduction of the Compcut PCR300 reflects Sharp & Tappin’s awareness of the growing demand in the UK market for precision machining of complex geometries from a wide range of advanced composites.

This new machine has been carefully designed to offer Composite R & D teams and Test Centres affordable access to an ‘easy to use’ though intuitively  sophisticated small form factor and robust precision composite router.

The PCR 300 Router is available as a ‘Complete Solution Package’ incorporating a comprehensive range of cutting tools plus a suite of machining programmes ( similar to the Compcut 200 Advanced Composite Saw package) that facilitate user training, ensuring quick and easy operation.


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