Compcut Saws are a great success with accredited composite test centre

Compcut saws have gained exceptional results while being tested and used by CTE Composite Test & Evaluation Ltd (CTE).

CTE identified that under accredited tests the Compcut composite plate saw cut 842 Specimens in 11 hours, which equates to 1 specimen machined ready to test every 47 Secs.

In comparison using a manual saw such as a modified tile cutter or similar (including setting time, post preparation of specimens, etc.) would take in excess of 5 minutes per specimen.

Paul Yeo the Managing Director of CTE said the following about the machines he initially tested and then purchase for use in CTE; “The Compcut saws give us the ability to quickly and repeatedly produce high quality test specimens with a near zero scrap rate, in fact we recently machined 240 laminates into 3840 specimens – of a variety of types – and did not lose one specimen due to it being out of tolerance.  In reality the specimens produced on the Compcut saws exceed the requirements of the common International standards that we perform testing to.”

“The latest generation of Compcut saws are able to manufacture specimens to such a high quality edge finish that no post preparation is required – to remove machining marks -, which significantly reduces the amount of preparation time that’s required, which in turn offers our customers significant cost and timescale benefits”

“In the case of the 3840 specimen mentioned previously it saved 4 weeks of labour and program time not having to perform any post preparation after machining.”

“These machines are very simple to use and you do not need to be an experienced CNC machinist to operate and use them, and I would say within an hours worth of training you will be producing specimens. As I tell our customers the test results are only as good as the specimens you test, and Sharp & Tappin’s Compcut saws produce specimens to the very highest standards.”

Background on CTE

Composite Test and Evaluation Ltd (CTE) is a well equipped facility offering a wide range of testing and evaluation services for composite, adhesive and other non-metallic materials and components. They have been performing testing and evaluation of non metallic materials and components for over ten years in the aerospace industry and therefore understand the intricacies that come with the use of non-metallic materials compared to traditional metallic materials. Composite Test & Evaluation Ltd aims to offer its customers a reliable, cost effective and timely qualification of non metallic materials.

Whether you are looking for independent evaluation of your composite components, manufacture of test specimens, end to end qualification of a particular non-metallic material, or just testing of a single batch of specimens Composite Test & Evaluation Ltd will be ready to offer our assistance.

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