Precise cuts for reliable measurements

Our Compcut 200 at FHNW (University of Applied Sciences in Northwestern Switzerland) is in the press. Read the following for more information about its exceptional cutting capabilities….

May we introduce? The newly acquired computer-controlled Compcut 200 saw.

With it, the Institute of Plastics Technology FHNW reaches a new level of cutting precision

Compcut 200                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Material strength plays a central role in the development of new materials for industries such as aerospace. Because a new material is only useful if the strengths meet the required requirements

We determine the strength values of new materials on precisely defined tensile tests. For their manufacture, we first produce panels from the developed material and then saw them into strips. The precision of the strips plays a crucial role in material strength. This is because inaccuracies such as wavy or frayed cut edges, but also deviations in the geometry lead to defects. Cracks form at these defects and lead to premature failure of the material before the actual material strength has been reached.

With the Compcut 200 from Sharp & Tappin we are able to avoid inaccuracies and missing parts. The Compcut 200 is controlled by the user with a computer. The sample sizes, the cutting speeds and the number of samples can be determined and the tensile samples can be sawed out automatically.

Thanks to the automated sawing process, a very high level of precision and repeatability can be achieved in the production of tensile samples. With special saw blades, we can also cleanly cut brittle materials such as highly cross-linked epoxy or cyanate ester resins.

The Compcut 200 thus joins our computer-controlled machine park, with which we are now able to manufacture, saw and test panels with computer control. This means that we are still armed for demanding tasks and can guarantee the highest precision in development projects for our industrial partners and for ourselves.

Compcut 200