PRF Composite Materials choose a Compcut 200 to support their innovative product development programme

PRF Composite Materials invests in a Compcut 200 advanced composite saw.

Via a recent news post on their website PRF explained:-  ‘Chosen to deliver an excellent cut quality and a high level of accuracy, the Compcut means that our R&D team are now able to test straight from the machine, speeding up our testing process. Health and safety was also a significant consideration in choosing the Compcut 200, with its fully enclosed work area which provides a reliable, safe and sustainable service’.

Robert Burnell, Managing Director at PRF said: Quality has always been a cornerstone of PRF, and we are continuing to invest in our in-house R&D by growing our team and supporting them with highly accurate tools such as the Compcut 200. This is fundamental as we continue to develop innovative prepreg products that can compete at the highest level.”

More information on this story can be found on the PRF website:- Click here